Ed Macdonald

  Actor, Voice Actor, Writer, Comedian 


Atomic Storybook                                                                                         Atomic Trailer:

Cover of Atomic Storybook

An explosion on the moon, a death in an asylum, Einstein, lust,  

Freud, blood and a box filled with little red pills ... 

"Considering the novel as a whole work, Atomic Storybook can be thought of as a conflict between the stories we tell ourselves about our lives, and the stories about us that are created by others. Owen and the people closest to him struggle to influence the realities around them in varying ways. For some, the burden is too much and leads them to depravity ... Macdonald does an excellent job through multiple perspectives of keeping the reader on edge as to what is real and what is not … Ranging from elegant to raw, he achieves some wonderful imagery, packing a lot into a short line: “She became a scar on the palm of her father’s hand.”… Consider an intellect like Albert Einstein’s trying to ponder the actions and motivations of a house fly. I had to put the book down for a while and ponder the scene for myself. It’s a barometer of excellent writing when a novel can get you to stop reading, causing you to daydream and get lost in one magnificently imagined scene ... Pick up this novel for yourself and shape your own story around it. Or just let Owen and his friends take you out of your own reality for a while."

                                                                                                                                      Lonnie Smetana, THE WINNIPEG REVIEW


The humour in “Spat” was dark, bloody, and laugh-out-loud funny and “Storybook” is even better. It is also a more thoughtful and emotionally nuanced book and makes the reader experience Macdonald’s stated goal as an author to “feel the shock of the future as it splashes over me like a bucket of ice water on a sunburn."

                                                                                                                           Ken Chisholm, Cape Breton Post

                               (It begins at the 52 minute mark.)


Spat The Dummy

Cover of Spat the Dummy.

"The style is electrifying and there are images that will burn in the readers' mind forever. Ed Macdonald is a gripping writer."  

                                                     Alistair MacLeod on Spat The Dummy

"The perilous repercussions of a horrific childhood secret propel Spat the Dummy, Gemini Award–winning screenwriter Ed Macdonald’s dynamic exploration of sex, drugs, violence, and the meaning of fatherhood. This excellent debut novel combines gutsy language and a relentless, engaging plot with one of the most chaotic but loveable protagonists in recent CanLit."

                                                   Shawn Syms, QUILL AND QUIRE

"The book reads wonderfully. It is fluid, coherent, fun and sometimes even light. The Montréal setting adds local pride to this well-crafted story, and it’s a pleasure to read about recognizable streets and places. It’s clear, however, that the writer is not telling us a Montréal story to please the locals."

                                                                       Joseph Elfassi, ROVER

"Macdonald has done a lot of writing for television and the theatre, and it shows in his sure-handed sense of pacing ... We’re never far from the next bit of gleefully inappropriate behaviour, the next booze-fuelled public pratfall. The dialogue, too, is spot-on. Here is a writer who knows how to put people together on the page and let the sparks fly …"

                                                                                                      Ian McGillis, AELAQ

“I think a large part of the appeal is just the way the book is written. It’s relentless in it’s confessional nature and full of hilarious one-liners and stomach-churning bursts of violence, often on the same page. You can’t help wanting more.”

                                                                                                                                                                Laura Frey - Reading in Bed

             Reading in bed:






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